Zignaly, the signal crypto bot


Zignaly is a signal bot as all it does is react to incoming signals, so all the configuration is limited to responding to signals. Basically buying a signal and selling that same signal.

It currently only works with Binance, so if you haven’t got a Binance account you can sign up here:


You have a Dashboard which shows you your stats & open positions (see image above)

(currently in beta: you can open positions manually)

Closed Positions

Closed Positions, this is exactly what it says on the tin, positions that have been closed


“Signals” is where you can find a tab called Signal Log, pretty much self-evident what this means and Providers which lists all the signal providers you can subscribe to, not only that you can also create your own signal provider.

Currently, you can subscribe to MiningHamster and Crypto Quality Signals.

To subscribe to the free Crypto Quality Signals service you just hit the connect button. If you want more premium signals you can subscribe to Crypto Quality Signals (Premium) service.

As you can see it requires an API key to get such an API key you need to subscribe to the signal service. Once subscribed you’ll see the following options. For Zignaly you can sign up to the Bot integration which only costs $5, however, if you want full integration with CryptoHopper and Telegram channel support you can opt for the other packages.

Once you made your payment you receive a subscription ID, this ID is the API key for your Crypto Quality Signals (Premium) service in Zignaly.

You can also integrate with email and with TradingView:

More about this integration in my other article:

Due to this integration, the possibilities are endless. You can set up your own strategies on TradingView and issue signals that Zignaly can act upon.


You can set the following

Binance API key & Secret. These you can set on your Binance account under API. These are basically the keys the bot needs in order to talk to your Binance account so it can execute trades.

Once you have set up your keys it should look like this, make sure to disable withdrawals you only want the bot to be able to read and trade.

Base currencies & position size: The currency you want to increase and trade with is your base currency, position size is how large you want your order to be expressed as BTC.

Back to Zignaly

Buy Price Deviation: This is how much the price may deviate (once the signal comes in) from the recommended signal price in order to buy the coin.

Buy Order Expiration: Sets a limit on how long the order can stay open before getting cancelled

Time-Based Autoclose: Sell the position after x amount of time regardless of price

Stop Loss: Sell the position if it reaches a certain loss

Trailing Stop: You can set a trigger to define when you want the trailing to kick in and a distance (= how much it can drop before selling)

Take Profit: The percentage at which you want to sell and how much of it you want to sell, this allows you also to sell a part of your coins at a different target.

Note: if you set the minimum order size you obviously can’t further split up this order up into multiple targets that are smaller than the minimum size.

This is basically all there is to it, simple yet powerful!

Now the best thing, during beta it’s entirely FREE to try, so don’t forget to check it out!

The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice and may contain affiliate links. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.



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