Why I haven’t been writing much about new trading bot developments

QLF trading

One of those ways of trading is QFL. I’ve mentioned this technique before, without going in detail again it basically watches for coins to collapse and break a support level called “base”. So rather than predicting a rise you simply buy after a fall, then let the coin recover from the drop and make a profit.

Grid trading

Grid trading is another trading technique that operates regardless of how the market swings. It basically looks at the support and resistance levels of the past X days and then divides everything up in sublevels between that resistance and support level. That’s the grid and each time the price hits the grid down or up it’ll buy or sell. Gridbots make hundreds of small trades consistently and gradually rather than placing a few large trades. Over time this usually works out positive even if the market drops because all of the small profits made which offset the drop and upon market recovery give you a nice profit. Set up bots in coins you’d wanna keep long term that way a drop in value would not be an issue as you want to stay in that coin anyway.



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