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Apex Trader

Click here for a 7 DAY TRIAL period

There’s a new trading bot in town and it’s blazing fast! It’s not just fast, it’s ridiculously fast, not only in executing the transactions, but also the responsiveness of the interface & the insane development speed sets it apart from the competition. This bot just came into existence 4 months ago! Yes, that’s right 4 months ago this bot was just a crazy idea from a bunch of guys who wanted to do things radically different.

Now did I mention this bot was fast? You should try it for yourself don’t take my word for it. They offer a 7 DAY FREE TRIAL period for you to test the bot and make real trades with it or if you prefer you can do paper trading (=test trading). You can try before you buy and avoid buying a pig in a poke.

RESULTS after 4 days on a “live” bot!

Granted the absolute gains are small because I only set up a bot with a $600 budget for testing purposes only, but percentage wise it’s not bad at all!



ApexTrader is hosted in the cloud so you don’t need to host it yourself or hit the command-line to do some nerdy ninja stuff in order to install & run it 24/7 on something as exotic as a Raspberry Pi. This makes it easier for the non-techies among us. You won’t be considered a technical demigod by your friends but you’ll still make money!

Imagine buying a competitor’s product for a fixed price having to set it up on a VPS, do all the security patching yourself and still pay your monthly VPS cost and having to do your own updates (maybe even pay for future upgrades).

Does it still sound like a good deal to run your own bot?

“yeah Bruv but the more subscribers they‘ll get the slower their site will become and then suddenly boom they’ll hit Binance api limitations or run out of resources on their servers, or some user triggers a bug and brings the whole thing to a halt…”

I hear you “mate” but I have to disappoint you, this is where the developers of ApexTrader become demigods worthy of your admiration. They’ve built this bot exactly with the idea to overcome these limitations. After using a bot that ran into some these problems they decided to build their own bot from the ground up specifically to avoid these issues. Initially, they were just building it for themselves and some of their friends but seeing the potential of their bot and wanting to push the competition to innovate they decided to release it to the public.

Now how did they achieve these insane benchmarks? Well essentially each bot runs on their own dedicated VPS so the behaviour of someone else’s bot doesn’t affect yours, it means you basically have the advantage of running your own bot on your own server but without having to manage it and having to deal with the complexities of setting it up or keeping it secure.

“Bruv you’re getting the benefits of a cloud hosted trading bot with the speed & responsiveness of your own server! WTF did hell just froze over, that’s just sick !”

It sure is “mate”, I haven’t used a trading bot that’s more responsive than this one and I have tried quite a few, I can see the sell/buy orders in my binance app just happen within seconds of a sell/buy & prices update in real-time. Ever needed to panic sell? It works flawlessly. Ever needed to set up a trigger that responded to market changes? Guess what it just works! If something goes wrong with the bot you can reboot it! All bots are also constantly monitored and if something goes wrong they get restarted automatically.

“Bruv, that’s just amazing and all but you know having your own VPS that’s a pita when it comes to upgrading & implementing security patches. All those thousands of VPS’s all running their own strategies…, imagine the mess when they roll out an upgrade or have to patch some security issue”

Not sure how they do it “mate” but they provide rolling updates as if it was on a centralised server, you just log in and go, it’s all updated while you’re on the system, your strategies are migrated automatically to the new bot version, it just works flawlessly & without any significant downtime.

APEX Trader uses a NON TIERED subscription model and compared to its competitors it comes at a sharp price of $35/month for a cloud-hosted bot with access to UNLIMITED STRATEGIES and UNLIMITED COINS.

Each bot can run unlimited strategies but only 1 at a time per bot, you can swap out strategies based on triggers but let’s go over it one thing at a time.

“Bruv are you saying a VPS is included for that price & that I don’t have to manage, update or secure it? Are you taking the mickey out of me?”

No “mate” it’s true, you’ll get one of the best deals on the market if not the best!

“Bruv this sh*t’s bangin‘ but you know a bot is as good as the profit it makes, innit?”

“Mate”, didn’t you see the results I posted higher up? Actually, let me correct you it’s not the bot that makes the profit but the strategy. So let’s get into strategies.


“Bruv what are strategies?”

“Mate”, strategies are basically your instructions for the bot. What you put into the strategy is what the bot will execute. In essence, these are the parameters you can control when it comes to a buy and a sell of a coin.

You get a number of technical indicators out of the box and you can use these to do your buys (& sells) so you’re not randomly buying but buying at the moment where the odds are more in your favour so you’ll end up with a better risk/reward ratio.

  • Bollinger Bands
  • Commodity Channel Index (CCI)
  • Moving Average
  • Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)
  • Percent Change
  • RSI
  • Stochastic
  • Stochastic RSI
  • Volume Weighted Average Price

If you’re not familiar with technical analysis, I wrote a basic introduction of some of these indicators.

“Bruv you expect me to learn all that ?”

Well “mate” I do advice you to learn the basics it will really help you understand trading but if you rather build on the knowledge of others ApexTrader has that covered too.

ApexTrader has a Strat Center, a collection of community built strategies that you can apply to your bot with a click of a button.

Strat Center

“Bruv can you set this up for me?”

No, but I’ll guide you through it, it’s not that hard once you get more familiar with it.


Considering this bot is only 4 months old I’m really impressed by the quality of this bot, the speed and thought that has gone into designing it.

The results speak for themselves


The next release will most likely contain an automated “debag” system similar to that of ProfitTrailer.

Give it a try, pick a strategy set it up, run the test version and convince yourself!

Click here for a 7 DAY TRIAL period

Don’t forget to follow their Medium account: ApexTrader.io

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