Pionex an exchange with built-in trading bots.

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About Pionex

Pionex is a crypto exchange that is designed by a traditional brokerage system provider with experience in Forex trading.

  • BitUniverse invested and incubated Pionex Exchange. ‎BitUniverse is an all-in-one cryptocurrency manager to track in real-time the price of all kinds of cryptocurrency and is very popular in Asia.
all rights owned by BitUniverse
  • Pionex aggregates the liquidity from Binance and Huobi two of the biggest exchanges in the world.
  • Pionex trading fee is a flat 0.05%!

Built-in trading bots

The advantage here is that you won’t have to set up API keys as Pionex hosts the bots and provides the liquidity from Binance and Huobi. Let’s see what sort of bots are included?

Trailing Take Profit

This is not a bot as we would define it. What it does is it adds trailing take profit to your manual orders. Imagine you want to sell some BTC for USDT but you think the market might rise a bit more before reaching its peak.

Grid Trading

Grid trading gives you the ability to execute trades within a range. This is an interesting strategy for sideways markets that stay within a range.

all rights owned by Pionex

DCA bot

This bot buys a coin at an interval you specify.

Time Weighted Average Price (TWAP)

Selling of a large amount in one order is most likely going to affect the market, with an adverse effect on the price. Therefore if you trade large amounts it’s better to sell off in chunks. TWAP has 5 different Order Periods for the TWAP strategy: 1 Hour, 6 Hours, 12 Hours, 1 Day, and 7 Days. TWAP is a strategy of executing a big order, as multiple smaller orders, over a specified period of time.

Supported coins

The coins supported are ideal for bot trading.


If you want to try bot trading but don’t want to spend an extra $10–$100 on a separate bot or you don’t want to implement your technical analysis strategy then this bot might be ideal for you as it offers a very low entry into bot trading.



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