Earn crypto, almost risk free regardless of the market situation

Spot/Futures Arbitrage Bot

Perpetual Futures

Let’s illustrate with an example

5K * 0.05% = 2.5 USDT
3 * 2.5 * 365 = 2737.5 USDT
2737.5 / 10000 * 100% = 27.375% APR
(0.75 * 10000) * 0.05% = 3.75 USDT
3 * 3.75 * 365 = 4106.25 USDT
4106.25 / 10000 * 100% = 41.0625% APR

That’s a whopping 41% APR


  • When you’re setting this up manually you’re not able to decrease your position in the spot market when auto-deleveraging is occurring.
  • In case of a sudden price increase, liquidation might happen on your short position because you were unable to close your futures positions in time.


  • maintain a market neutral position even if auto-deleveraging occurred.
  • bot will close your futures position 5% before the liquidation price, to avoid liquidation and liquidation fee.

Choose the bot

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