Haasbot releases a drag β€˜n drop bot

An all-new visual strategy designer.

Haasbot is one of the oldest and most advanced trading bots on the market if you want a top of the line trading bot that can do just about anything than Haasbot is your bot. But what drove most people to more userfriendly trading bots such as CryptoHopper and 3commas was its intimidating interface and feature set.

But now users can leverage the easy-to-use visual designer to easily create technical indicators, strategies, perform backtests… etc.

The Visual Editor makes use of their in-house developed scripting language, HaasScript. Both the drag and drop interface and HaasScript can be used to create complex strategies.

The visual editor offers an interesting way to work with command blocks that are at the basis of the logic powering how a specific script will be executed. Even with minimal programming experience, you can still create powerful scripts with the visual editor and people with programming experience are not limited by the limitations of a visual interface.

Future releases will come with a community marketplace to exchange technical indicators and automated trading strategies created with HaasScript. Subscribing to signals from 3rd party signal providers is also around the corner.

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