Export your Medium posts to Markdown

There’s a simple solution to avoid copy/pasting and re-editing your Medium articles.

First of all, you need to install node on your computer.

There is an installer for node for all platforms, just download it and install it like you would any other program:

Once you have this installed, you fire up the Command Prompt on Windows or Terminal on MacOS or Linux and run this command.

npm install -g mediumexporter

This installs mediumexporter. Once installed, you can export your Medium post to markdown format.

Go to the directory where you want to file to be exported to.

(on Windows)

cd c:\Users(username)\Desktop 

(on Mac)

cd ~/Desktop 

Next type on 1 line:

mediumexporter https://medium.com/p/export-your-medium-posts-to-markdown-b5ccc8cb0050 > medium_post.md

You’ll see a file called medium_post.md containing your Medium post in markdown format. You might have to adjust a couple of things, but most of the time it’s fairly good at preserving formatting and structure.