Crypto wallets, software-based & online are being hacked daily!

Some background info on how crypto is stored

  • A “wallet” consists of ECDSA keypairs. A keypair is made up of a “public key” and a “private key” and both are used to encrypt or sign bits of data. The public key, as the name suggests, is public and known to everyone. If you encrypt data with this public key the holder of the private key alone is able to decrypt it. Anything signed with the private key can be verified with the public key as to originate from the true originator. All Bitcoin addresses are made up of such a keypair — the “address” you use to send or receive bitcoins on is the public half and the private half is in your wallet.dat file.
  • The “blockchain” is a database of transaction information that’s constantly growing and is sent out to the nodes in the Bitcoin network. When you engage in a transaction, that transaction is distributed to the network and if the transaction is valid, will be included in the next “block” . This blockchain data is what assigns your bitcoins to you. So your money is NOT stored on YOUR WALLET in bits and bites as some people assume.

The 2 most famous hardware wallets

NANO LEDGER - France (€58*)

Pincode Ledger Nano

Ledger Blue — France (out of stock)

Ledger Blue

TREZOR - Czech Republic (€89*)

  • *+taxes may apply.
  • Also it’s best to buy directly from the manufacturers and not of eBay or some shady site that might sell them for a cheaper price. This way there is no chance a middleman can compromise the key before selling them to you.



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