Cryptohopper & Binance tricks

How you can run both Bonedry or Venom TA strategy which is aimed a scalping low percentages with a high turnover with signals without selling your signals at these low percentages without having to setup config pools.

You could turn on trailing stop only but that would render your Bonedry or Venom TA strategy useless. It would also make it impossible to set manual targets for our signals.

Selling based on strategy? Too much risk for selling at a loss, it’s not reliable enough.

So how do we get the benefits of trailing stops for signals, a fixed low percentage stop for our TA strategy and the ability to set individual targets?

We start by setting a fixed % target in our signaller config. Something like 15 or 20% or even higher. If our signals reach that % they will be sold at that percentage.

This also overwrites the base percentage profit so signals will no longer be sold by your TA strategy.

Next, we enable trailing stop and set it to arm below the value we have set in our signaller config. For example arm at 4% with a 2% stop loss (adjust for market conditions). Now when 4% is reached it will enable trailing stop on our signals.
Note: The percentages set here are just to demonstrate the trick not meant as actual advice

Finally, we set the target % manually for each signal coin. Click on the info button next to each coin and set the target under percentage profit.

You can typically find the targets in the channel of your signaller service on Telegram.

Some signals come with multiple targets and sometimes they are reached sometimes they’re not. So what target do we set? First, second or third?

Why not set them all?

If you split your signal into 3 parts (manually) you can set 3 different targets. If they are not reached the trailing stop will still maximise your sells. The smaller the split fraction the higher target you set.

WARNING!: splitting removes the signaller information in the BUY TRIGGER that allows you to track your signaller’s performance. So if you value the statistics you should not use this method!

If you want to buy the same amount of a coin without manually placing an order and typing in the exact amount you could use manual DCA (when set to double down in your config) to buy the same amount.

But wouldn’t that merge the coins? Yes, it would but you can prevent a merge by setting one of the two coins to hold then DCA and no merge will happen. This way you can decide when to merge or not to merge the coins.

By using TUSD you can switch from base currency to dollars and back during base currency dips. More about this in the article below.

Stuck with deep bags? Split your coins into very small pieces and DCA the small pieces and DCA them down one by one when you notice a light uptrend in your coin, keep repeating it till your bag is gone.

The above page describes how you can pick the coins that have strong buy recommendations by TradingView and who have been very actively traded over the last 24h. Ideally, you would populate your coins with the coins that have the best “buy” or “strong buy” behaviour for your bot.

Now, this is a tedious process but someone has found a way to automate this and integrate it into Cryptohopper.


CH-companion lets you:

  • Pick your preferred “Exchange
  • Set your “Base currency”
  • Limit” your coins to the limit of your bot or your own limit
  • Whitelist” certain coins you really want to be included
  • “Blacklist” coins you don’t want to be included
  • set a “Min % volatility”
  • set a “Max % change”
  • And pick a “Rating filter

All credit goes to Matteo Antoci who developed this excellent Crypto Hopper companion hence the name “CH Companion”. It’s a Chrome and Firefox extension that helps you pick the coins for your Hopper.

To install it start by downloading the zip file for your browser Chrome or Firefox, from the page mentioned above this text.

To install: You have to go to More Tools > Extensions

Next, you enable Developer mode (on the right side of the window)

Now you click on LOAD UNPACKED and select your ch-companion folder from the downloaded and unzipped file

To run CH-companion just open up your config page for your hopper and click on the blue kangaroo icon in your browser toolbar, this pops up CH-companion and you can start to enter your settings.

Binance tricks

If you want to pay less in transaction fees, you can pay 25% less of your cost by using BNB. If you use BNB you pay only 0.075% for buying and the same for selling on your transactions. Since the cost is calculated on your base currency if BNB goes up you end up paying even less due to the value increase of BNB.

As you might have noticed due to the way the selling works you often get stuck with fractions of coins aka DUST, after a while, you could have hundreds of small fractions worth a couple of dollars which you can no longer use because individually they are too small to trade. Go to the link below to convert that dust into BNB which you can then use to pay for your fees.

If you use NEO or GAS coins you pay 0 for withdrawal cost! Plus NEO is a great coin to own as it pays you in GAS coins just to hold it.

For other exchanges that don’t have NEO using Digibyte is a great alternative to save on transaction costs, it’s blazing fast, and ultra cheap.

The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice and may contain affiliate links. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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