Bot trade with ZERO risk!

4 min readSep 17, 2019


100% Risk-free!!!

Update 26 September:

Pionex grid bot was making a profit when I tested it, unfortunately, Bitcoin’s price collapsed causing a loss. This loss wasn’t the result of the bot but the market. In other words, if I hodled the same amount of bitcoin I would have lost more. I can’t really blame Pionex for this loss but they will compensate the losses so no harm is done.

Update 30 September:

Received refund even though the loss was entirely due to the market conditions, the bot was actually profitable!

But here’s the thing, they’ve doubled down on their initial promotion and promise to double your profits and cover your losses.

Of course, you can only participate if you didn’t participate in the first challenge.

Proces for round 2:

  1. Sign up on Pionex, but DON’T create a bot yet
  2. Next check out the article below for terms/conditions

Pionex is so confident you’ll make money with their bots they’re willing to compensate your losses.

“BitUniverse team now provides 1,000,000 USDT compensation funds for all our users to test the trading bots on Pionex. Keep reading and learn more details ;)”

If you’re unfamiliar with Pionex you can check out the article below

Terms for the event

  • This event is only for those who never created a bot on the Pionex Exchange.
  • Trading Pair: Only use BTC/USDT in this event.
  • Trading Bot: Only use Grid Trading Bot.
  • How many funds can I use?
    The total funds of your active bots should be less than 500 USDT. (Accumulated) You’re free to create multiple bots at the same time, but don’t use more than 500 USDT funds in total.
  • Start Date: now
  • End Date: 2019/09/24 23:59:59 (UTC)
  • The compensation funds will be issued within 5 working days after the event ends.


  1. Sign up on Pionex, but DON’T create a bot yet
  2. Sign up on this Google Form with the email address you’ve used to sign up in step 1:
  3. Add funds to your account max $500 (you can add more but only losses on $500 are guaranteed)
  4. Set up a Grid Trading Bot. (follow the tutorial below)

Join the Telegram group:

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Results so far (I’ll keep updating as long as the event is on).

UPDATE 19 Sept 2019, my results

after 2 days

after 3 days:

after 4 days: