What if I told you there’s a way to earn from trading that’s low risk and works in all markets whether they go up or down? It’s called “arbitrage”, and it takes advantage of inefficiencies in the market. …

We’ve become so accustomed to the incredible gains, as a result of rising crypto prices, our greed takes over and we stop thinking about taking profits. A lot of people erroneously believe they’ve become great traders because up till now they were making a profit.

It doesn’t take a genius…

Grid bots have become very popular and quite a few exchanges such as Binance, Kucoin and Pionex offer them as a free service to their customers. For the exchanges it is a way to increase trading volume and liquidity. The trading bots help making the market, this is extremely useful…

You’ve probably noticed Binance (and other platforms) have been offering futures, options, margin and leverage trading on top of their regular trading platform. If you’re not that familiar with trading you might scratch your head and wonder what this is all about.

In this article I will cover perpetual futures.

As you probably have noticed I haven’t been writing much about new trading bot developments. The reason for this is that I don’t like to write about new developments unless I have tried these myself, I’ve reported on bots I didn’t use in the past but I never felt very…

Coinbase is again giving away free crypto as part of their plan to educate people on the diverse alt-coins they have on offer. By completing tutorials and answering questions you can earn some of these alt-coins. …

John Doe: What is a cryptocurrency?

Me: It’s a currency that uses cryptography.

An all-new visual strategy designer.

Haasbot is one of the oldest and most advanced trading bots on the market if you want a top of the line trading bot that can do just about anything than Haasbot is your bot. …

ApexTrader has been working on signal integration so far Crypto Base Scanner (my favourite signal service) has been added and there are more to come.

It’s very easy to set up signals on ApexTrader if you’re already familiar with its interface for setting up strategies.

Assuming you already have ApexTrader

Cryptohopper has come a long way since its inception. It was the first bot I started using and it has grown into one of the leading trading bots for cryptocurrency.

Wednesday 16th of October Cryptohopper will release 2 new trading bots. A market-making bot and an exchange arbitrage bot.

Market Making Bot



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